Construction & Civil

Carnaross Sand & Gravel have been producing sand and stone products to the building and civil sectors for over forty years.
Our products meet all the building regulation requirements. We work with architects, engineers and main contractors to deliver each projects requirement, this is supported by a quality management system certified by the NSAI. These products have a wide range of physical and chemical specifications depending on the end use application. The main specifier of these products in Ireland is the national roads authority who set out each materials requirement in their specification in road work series 500, 600 and 800. Series 500 deals with drainage and pipe bedding materials, series 600 deals with Earthwork materials and series 800 with sub-base materials. Granular fill material for the use under concrete floors and footpaths is specified under Annex E of S.R. 21, 2016, which lists the physical, chemical and petrographic requirements of the material

6f1 stone
6F1 - Stone
6F2 - Stone
75mm Down
Building Sand
Plastering Sand
14mm Round
8mm round
8mm Round
Paving Grit